Petra Chase

Two red dashes is equal to two clogged nostrils and a throat stained by Halls

I am sitting in my new living room with a big window seat to cars breezing by on the main road like thoughts do

I watch the traffic light blink through all its colours

Change of mood is a constant,

And always flickering, disappearing for a moment before shining a fluorescent stop or go

About six million cones in my eyes focus on the string of red flowers in the front garden

And the tall green trees

Anxiety will never leave me but right now I’m sipping on turmeric tea reminding myself

To unpack my stress before I unpack all these boxes

And that isolation is different from solitude

And I am surrounded by my plants, which are alive and breathing like I am



Petra Chase

Petra Chase

Vancouver-based birdwatcher. You may remember me from my One Direction fan fictions on Wattpad. Co-founder of Fresca, a new collaborative blog for music lovers.